Get Creative with Arts Programs

Creativity is a major aspect of learning, and to provide students with the proper outlets to explore their own passions, St. John offers a number of Arts programs as extracurriculars.

Arts Offerings

St. John Children’s Choir

Students in Grades 5-8 are welcome to join the Children’s Choir. The group rehearses weekly and performs at two annual school concerts, school events, sings at Mass and performs at community events. Recently the St John Children’s Choir was featured on Archdiocese of Hartford Office of Radio and Television Daily TV Mass.

Hand Chimes

Students learn to play hand chimes as part of their regular music instruction. Interested students can also join the Hand Chime Group. This group rehearses with the Children’s Choir and also performs in the two annual school concerts, at school events, at Mass and at community events.


Instrument lessons are available during the school day through the Future Musicians Program for students in Grades 4-8. Students in Grade 3 receive instruction in playing the recorder. Students may also participate in the school band and perform in two concerts a year and also play at Mass.

Other Extracurricular Offerings