Get Involved with Extracurriculars

Extracurricular activities complement the academic program at St. John School to help students develop into well-rounded young adults. Many studies have shown that participating in extracurricular activities has numerous benefits for children and our extracurricular program is designed to enhance a student’s experience in school.

Expand on Your Skills & Passions

St. John choir students singing with arms crossed over their chest

Students who participate in an extracurricular activity often see an improvement in their grades because they practice time management and organization to participate in hobbies, sports and clubs. These skills transfer directly into their academic life.

Students learn teamwork, social skills and critical thinking when they are involved in sports, clubs and other extracurricular programs. The learn how to communicate and solve problems with others to accomplish a goal. Spending time after school in sports, clubs or other activities also builds new friendships and helps students learn to relate with their peers.

When students join extracurricular activities they need to show a sense of commitment and contribute their best. Commitment is important in all parts of life and developing this skill through extracurriculars is valuable. Personal responsibility is also needed in sports, clubs and other activities and practicing personal responsibility leads to developing leadership skills and a sense of accountability.

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