Providing the Resources to Help Students Become Lifelong Learners

At St. John the Evangelist School, our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping each student become a lifelong learner. To further that mission, the school offers instructional support and special programs to keep students focused, curious and engaged.

Available Programs & Resources

Instructional Support

Whether students need specialized instructional support or occasional one on one support to master a concept, St. John School has the resources to meet student needs. St. John’s Instructional Support programs include:

  • Before and After-school instructional support available for all students as needed. Teachers conduct weekly extra help sessions and can also arrange extra help by request.
  • Intervention resources for identified students provided at St. John School through Watertown Public School Department of Special Services.
  • Intervention through a staff instructional coach as needed throughout the year in collaboration with the homeroom or subject-area teacher.
  • Lexia Core5 Reading - reading support and enrichment for readers who are at risk, on level or advanced
  • Math Table - peer tutoring for math students in Grades 5-8 by Grade 8 Algebra 1 students
  • Reflex Math - math fact fluency
  • Xtra Math - online math fluency program
  • IXL Math - math concepts and applications practice and enrichment across all grades
  • Mystery Science - K-5 hands-on science enrichment program

Special Programs

Students are also exposed to a number of Special Programs, where their work is evaluated by professionals and organizations. These opportunities promote self-confidence and result in awards, recognition and higher achievement.

  • Daughters of the American Revolution History Contest
  • Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee
  • STEAM Convention
  • Science Fair
  • Invention Convention
  • Zaner-Bloser Handwriting
  • Contest Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association Christmas Tree Coloring Contest
  • Knights of Columbus Christmas Tree Decorating Contest
  • Fire Prevention Week Poster Contest - Watertown Fire Department
  • D.A.R.E. Program - Watertown Police Department
  • Elks Club Drug Awareness
  • Lions Club Peace Poster Contest
  • National Chemistry Week Poetry Contest
  • Watertown Public Library Poetry Contest

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