High School Preparation for Long-Term Success

The Middle School at St. John the Evangelist School—which includes Grades 6-8—promotes high school preparation.  Students are challenged to think critically and to solve complex problems.

Working collaboratively, students organize information, data, findings and results across academic subjects, and learn to communicate effectively using a variety of media.  Project-based learning develops the skills necessary to work individually and with others on tasks of greater complexity over longer timeframes.

The full standard curriculum dives into World and US History, Spanish, Algebra 1, Pre-algebra, Literature, Religion and more. Students also engage in developing the cultural competence to enable them to work effectively with diverse groups in diverse settings.

Upon 8th Grade graduation, students have developed a mindset that directs their own learning. They can transfer knowledge in core academic subjects to other situations successfully.  St. John School students are accepted at and attend a wide variety of strong high schools in the area. They are well-prepared and ready for the challenges that high school presents.

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Classroom Offerings

St. John grade 6-8 student working on a science experiment
  • SmartBoards are integrated into each classroom

  • Students use Chromebooks and Google Classroom

  • Students experience hands-on Science Labs

  • Teachers are engaged in active instruction

  • Instructional blocks are used to differentiate content to student need

  • Opportunities are provided for small group instruction or student-directed learning

Academic Subjects


Religion is taught daily and is integrated throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged and taught to remain grounded in Faith. Issues of social justice, moral and ethical responsibilities, and other topics of religious and spiritual importance are woven into the curriculum.

Literature/Language Arts

Students are taught an appreciation and understanding of various literary genres fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, and poetry. Grammar skills and vocabulary instruction are integrated into this area of study. Writing (across the curriculum) is stressed and students are encouraged to develop their writing skills for creative expression, reserch and the overall communication of ideas and information.


Earth Science (grade 6) covers processes that change the Earth, including the water and rock cycles, weather, oceans, as well as planets and the solar system. In Life Science (Grade 7) students learn about plant and animal cells and reproduction, the Human Body, and they are introduced to the classification of living organisms. Physical Science (Grade 8) then covers the states of matter, energy, sound and light, chemistry, and force and motion.


Grades 6-8 focus on the four domains of writing: Sensory/Descriptive, Imaginative/Narrative, Analytical/Expository/Persuasive and Practical/Informative. The elements of a research paper are introduced to prepare students for high school learning.

Social Studies

Ancient World History in Grade 6 covers the beginning of civilizations in Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, Greece and Rome. United States History is also covered in 2 parts beginning in 7th grade and continuing through 8th grade. This 2 year course includes instruction and project-based engagement covering the early Native American culture, the birth of the United States and the regions of our country, the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Industrial Revolution and World War I & II. In Geography, students learn how to interpret maps and charts. Civics and economics are also part of Social Studies and integrate Catholic Social Teaching.


Throughout middle school math instruction, students will build upon foundation concepts and skills. They will be introduced to algebra and geometry, in addition to working with decimals and fractions and learning to solve multi-step equations and word problems. Accelerated and grade-level math are offered in Grades 7 & 8, including Pre-Algebra and Algebra I.

World Language

Using the Rosetta Stone platform, students attend Spanish classes four times per week, learning about the language and the culture.

Creative & Active Courses

Students will stimulate their creativity and get active with weekly physical education, arts and music classes.

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