A Diversified Curriculum in a Collaborative Classroom

4th & 5th Grades prove to be a pivotal time to guide students toward becoming moral and responsible young adults.

Remaining grounded in Faith, your child will be challenged to achieve academic excellence through rigorous courses that are differentiated to reach all learners.

St. John the Evangelist school takes on a Whole Child approach, with a curriculum that is student-centered in a collaborative environment.

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Classroom Offerings

St. John students doing school work in the classroom
  • iPads and Chromebooks available for instruction and practice
  • Differentiated instruction for different learning styles
  • Skills groups for Reading, Vocabulary/Spelling, Writing and Math intervention
  • Collaborative flexible grouping
  • Google Classroom used by each student & SmartBoards are integrated into each classroom

Standards-Based Curriculum

At St. John the Evangelist school, 4th and 5th Grade students get an introduction of study skills and strategies to promote lifelong learning inside and outside the classroom. The following subjects are covered during this time:

  • Math (multiplication, division, fractions, fact fluency, word problems)
  • Language Arts (reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and writing); in this course, students also experience Literature Circles and Guided Reading to promote a love of literacy and to facilitate development of strong literacy and language arts competencies.
  • Religion
  • Social Studies (Connecticut history Grade 4, early North America through the founding of the United States, early democracy, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War)
  • Science
  • World Language
  • Weekly Physical Education, Arts and Music classes

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