Fostering Responsibility, Collaboration & Curiosity

Grades 1-3 at St. John the Evangelist School offer students the necessary subjects needed to become lifelong learners. Our curriculum supports the whole child: designed to meet the cognitive, social and emotional developmental needs of this age group.

Reading fluency, comprehension, math computation and problem-solving are stressed within an age-appropriate program. Using a wide range of genres, students acquire skills and apply strategies necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

During these years, your child will foster a sense of responsibility and collaborative teamwork—understanding that learning is meaningful and fun!

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Classroom Offerings

St. John drumming group students holding their hands above their heads
  • Independent iPad usage

  • Whole group, partner, and small group learning

  • Differentiated instruction for different learning styles

  • Buddy learning ie: “Book Buddies” reading with older grades

  • Kinesthetic and tactile learning activities

Academic Subjects


A core principle at St. John School, students will work toward developing a love of God, others and self. This involves bucket filling - a unique program that underscores the importance of helping others. Students will complete the sacraments of First Communion and First Reconciliation and participate in a variety of community service projects to reinforce leadership.


Our sequential math program provides students with the essential math skills and concepts necessary to solve real-world math problems. Students experience concrete and abstract math disciplines through the use of manipulatives, technology programs, projects and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) projects. In addition, students learn basic block coding and gain an understanding of algorithms.

Language Arts

Students will learn the fundamentals—and build upon their skills—of phonics, reading, handwriting/cursive, spelling, English and writing. Teaching cursive handwriting is unique and very important in the age of computers and keyboards.  Handwriting instruction helps kids develop reading circuitry in their brains and cursive writing refines different motor skills than print writing.

Social Studies

Students will explore the world through our Social Studies programs. Maps are used to investigate our world continents, oceans, hemispheres and countries.  Cultures, customs, holidays and history are celebrated throughout the year as a way to engage students in our diverse society. 


Mystery Science provides a “hands-on approach” to exploring topics in Physical Science (Energy and Matter) and Life Science (Plants and Animals). is used to provide online and unplugged (non-computer) activities that teach students computational thinking, problem-solving, programming concepts and digital citizenship. Students also learn the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body.


St. John School offers a number of special subjects to promote well-rounded education, including:

  • Art
  • Music
  • World Language
  • Physical Education

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