Math Mentors


Math Mentors has moved to Wednesdays this year and Mrs. Charbonneau will continue as the Faculty Advisor for the program.  

This year we are delighted to announce that Mrs. Charbonneau will be joined by SJS graduate and Holy Cross High School junior Caitlin Kinsella.  Caitlin will be coordinating student volunteers from Holy Cross High School to join our Math Mentors program to work with our students.  Mrs. Charbonneau will be coordinating volunteers from our 7th and 8th grades as well.


Using interactive projects, create opportunities for students to collaborate and apply math in fun and inventive ways to develop a love for math. 


Students will be called at the end of dismissal to the Math Mentor room to meet Mrs. Charbonneau on Wednesdays.  (Depending on the size of the group in any given week it may be more than one room.)  Students will be grouped according to grade once they arrive.

Each session will begin with a 20-30 minute activity involving math for the entire group.  The first week we will have a math scavenger hunt.  Our goal is to develop a love of math because math can be fun when it is applied.  Caitlin Kinsella and her group of HCHS volunteers will be developing the weekly math (interactive) activity.

The remaining time may be spent in small group skill reinforcement or practice and Mrs. Charbonneau will be the contact for teachers for topics that are occurring in the math classrooms in any given week.



Please write a note to Mrs. Charbonneau to arrive on Wednesday morning if your child will be attending Math Mentors. 

Please include your child's transportation arrangements following Math Mentors in the note each week.  The Math Mentor note must be written each week and cannot be a blanket note to cover an extended period of time (for example: some students are absent, ill, others have a commitment on a particular day - so we need an accurate note for each day of the program (please) and thank you for your understanding.)


This program runs on Wednesdays when school is in session from dismissal to 3:15.  If SJS is closed, the program will not run.  This program is open to students in Grades 2-6 at this time.  Students in Grades 7 and 8 may volunteer as mentors. Students in Grade 1 may be included at a later time in the year.


There is no need to come into the building to retrieve your child.  Please park in front and Mrs. Charbonneau will walk students to the lower door when the program has finished (3:15pm).  When students exit the building please be visible to Mrs. Charbonneau so she can dismiss the students to the correct parent/transportation.

THANK YOU.  Math Is Fun!  SJS is the place to be after school!