How to Support St. John the Evangelist School

Supporting St. John the Evangelist School through an Annual Appeal gift allows donors to partner with us in shaping and developing the school's future.  You can help to ensure that the legacy of St. John the Evangelist School remains vibrant, and that our students continue to benefit from the ideals of Catholic education.  Gifts from parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, parish members, the business community and others is a way to give back and partner with St. John the Evangelist School to continue the tradition of excellence in the classroom.

Ways to Donate to St. John the Evangelist School

Dear Families,

         Re: United Way Kick-off -- More Ways To Give

Giving a financial donation is just one way to make a difference in the lives of our children and their educational endeavors here at St. John the Evangelist School.  During the 2015 United Way Campaign, as well as throughout the year, donations into our school through the United Way created opportunities for updated textbooks, marketing efforts, school supplies, and so much more - every amount large and small makes a difference.

Can we count on you in 2016?  Any donation in excess of approximately $50 may be allocated to a non-profit beneficiary, such as St. John the Evangelist School.  To choose St. John the Evangelist School, please use the code 7765.

Thanks for your generosity during the United Way Campaign.


Mrs. Marylou Iannone, Vice Principal

Donate through the mail:

Annual Appeal Letter:

Dear St. John the Evangelist School Community,

The 2015-2016 academic year has begun and we are off to a wonderful start at St John the Evangelist School.  I am very honored to have been asked by Archbishop Blair to be the pastor of St John the Evangelist Church and school and I am looking forward to working with and getting to know the students, faculty and staff at our school in this first year as pastor.

Every year we are responsible for providing a sound budget for our school so that the excellence in Catholic Education can continue.  Each year we work to keep our tuition within the limits of our family’s budget.  Our tuition alone does not cover the entire budget and so we must rely upon fund raising projects and donations from generous supporters to our School. 

Your support is an essential component to our annual budget and with your help we are able to provide the best in Catholic Education.  St John the Evangelist School is known for its high academic standards and we are committed to maintaining our Catholic identity where students learn in an environment with faith as its foundation.

We are so fortunate to have a very experienced and talented faculty who challenge our students to be their best. We are committed to providing the latest in educational technology so that our students are prepared for our fast changing world.  And we will continue to teach our students how to live their Catholic faith.

The funds we receive from our annual appeal will greatly help our general operating costs. In addition we have a couple of major projects we hope to address in the near future. First, we need to re-shingle our roof on the main part of the school and, second we have an opportunity to save on fuel costs in the future by converting our oil furnace to natural gas.   In addition to these projects we are looking to begin building an endowment fund to assure financial stability into the future.  With a successful annual appeal we can continue to upgrade our facility while continuing to provide the best in education now and in the future.

I pray that you will consider donating to our annual fund this year and be part of a very special School.   I look forward to getting to know you and all who support our school in so many ways.  I am profoundly grateful for your support in the past and I ask that you continue this support this year with a generous donation to our School.

Sincerely in Christ

Rev Anthony J Smith


St John the Evangelist Parish


Please send check donation in a sealed envelope marked Donation to:

St. John the Evangelist School

Attention: Kerri Lacilla, Director of Advancement

760 Main Street

Watertown, Connecticut 06795

All checks should be addressed to St. John the Evangelist School.

Donate a gift in Memory of Someone:

Make a contribution to the school to honor the memory of a loved one. 

Donate through purchasing gift cards:

Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop.  Did you know you can raise money for St. John the Evangelist School while doing your everyday shopping?  All you have to do is purchase gift cards from America's favorite retailers and use them in place of cash, checks or credit cards for purchases you were going to make anyway!  Each card purchased carries an associated contribution of 2-15% or more.

Gift cards are available from over 300 national and local retailers.  Groceries, clothing, dining out, home improvement, even gasoline can all be purchased with Scrip.  An organization of 150 families easily spends between one and two million dollars a year on these purchases.  If they do the majority of this shopping with Scrip, they can raise as much as $40,000 to $80,000 per year for St. John the Evangelist School without spending an additional penny!

Visit for additional information and a list of participating retailers.

Order online at                                  

Donate through your weekly grocery shopping:

The Adams Hometown School Rebate Program:

If you shop at Adams, or someone from your family shops at Adams, simply go to the courtesy desk and register your Adams card.  Adams will contribute 1% back to St. John School.

Stop & Shop A+ Bonus Bucks Program

You need to register your Stop & Shop card each year to be a part of the A+ program.  All you need to do is go to to register.

St. John the Evangelist School would like to send a special thank you to each and every family who took the time to register their Stop and Shop cards for the Stop and Shop A+ School Rewards Program.  As you shop through the store each week to pick up your grocery items, St. John the Evangelist School recieves special "reward points" for your purchases, it's that simple!  St. John the Evangelist School will recieve a check for $2,811.68 in the month of May all because of your wonderful efforts in supporting our school.  Please look for information regarding next year's fundraising opportunities in September! 

Box Tops for Education:

St. John the Evangelist School is currently collecting Box Tops for Education found on hundreds of your favorite household products and foods.  Turn your grocery shopping trip into easy earnings for our school.  Box Tops logos can be found on Cheerios, Kleenex, Land O Lakes products and hundreds more!  St. John the Evangelist School  earns ten cents for every returned box top. Please help us reach our goal of $500.00 by sending in your clipped Box Top logos in a sealed marked enveloped to:

St. John the Evangelist School

"Box Tops for Education"

760 Main Street

Watertown, Connecticut 06795

Donate by registering your Target Credit Card:


Target has a program called the Take Charge of Education.  This program is to benefit K-12 schools with tax exempt status.  Register your Target Visa Card, Target Credit Card, Target Check Card or Target Business Card at any Target Store or and choose St. John the Evangelist School as the eligible school.